Sonntag, 23. Dezember 2012


Hey Guys,

since I'm back from New Zealand, I spent most of my time with training, to get my strength back.
I worked with a training schedule and got supervised by the Bootcamp coaches.
The training schedule included a 2 times a week workout in the gym, a lot of running, climbing, stretching and exercises for a better coordination.
It was the first time I prepared myself  for the season that intensive, but I can really say I feel a difference at my skiing.
I think for free riders a good preparation is the most important thing to prevent injuries and start into a successful season.

at the Bootcamp

at the Bootcamp

at the Bootcamp

I'm proud to announce that the guys from White-World will support me in the future.
White-World is a new and innovative online shop, which offers everything you need as a skier.

Furthermore I signed with Komperdell which will support me with poles and protection in the future.
Check out their website and have a look at the very innovative freeride poles.

I also took advantage of the large amount of snow we got in December, to get some faceshots :)
Check out 2 pictures of a funny session I had with friends a couple of weeks ago:

I wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, with hopefully a lot of snow!



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