Montag, 10. September 2012

TNF Freeski Open of New Zealand

Hey Guys.

I'm just back in Christchurch from the TNF Freeski Open which was held the last week in Wanaka.
I made it through the qualifications on Tuesday and got one of 12 spots for the finals, which should be held on Wednesday.

Due to strong wind and bad visibility they weren't able to hold the finals until Friday.
The waiting time wasn't that bad because we had lots of fun playing "Frisbee Golf", Ice Hokey and enjoying some awesome food.
On Friday midday it was finally time for the competition.
The conditions weren't that easy to ride so I picked a line threw the main shoot with 2 small cliff drops on the top, a big one in the middle and another one at the bottom where I wanted to do a 360°.

I was the first male starter, so I was quite nervous at the start.
After landing all my cliffs clean and stomping the 360° I was really stoked!!
I ended up at 5th place with just 0.2 points missing for the podium.
I am really happy with this result and looking forward to the next competition.
By the way thanks to Cam and the whole crew for this awesome event.

Keep you guys posted

Cheers Raphi

my Line
hiking to the start

360° at the bottom