Sonntag, 26. August 2012

New Zealand

Hey guys.

After 30 hours of travelling, Fabian and I finally made it to Christchurch (New Zealand) on the 13th of August.
The first thing I realized when I stepped out of the Airport was, that it was approximately 20°C colder than at home.

The next day we got  our camper van  and picked up the other guys from the airport.
The crew was complete: Christian"Gri"Reichenberger, Fabian Lentsch, Matthias"Hauni"Haunholder, Matthias Mayr, our Swiss photographer Jonas Blum, our filmer Simon Platzer and last but not least myselfe.

After some shopping, we drove our camper van to Broken River for a first day of skiing.
The conditions weren't that good, we had a lot of fun though.

The next day we drove down south to Mount Cook village to start the real adventure.
We took a flight with a snowplane and a helicopter to the top of the Tasman Glacier, which offers an amazing terrain for touring and freeriding.
The following seven days we spent with hiking lines, filming, cooking and melting water.
The conditions on the glacier were perfect, with a large amount of snow, good weather and a safe avalanche situation as well.
We got some really good footage up there, which caused, that we are planning to produce a "New Zealand Movie".
More informations about that later.

The plan for the next weeks is to participate at the FWTQ competitions all over NZ and hopefully bring some "points" back home.

Stay posted

Cheers Raphi