Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2012

My last months..

Hey guys,
long time since my last post, but i finally made it.
Till now the season was pretty good, with a lot of snow in the last two months.
I did some trips to Switzerland for Touring as well as staying at home for riding deep pow.

In January I participated at the Ankogel X-Treme Invitational which was organized by the Finnish Snowboarder Niklas Hollsten. There where two types of competition, one Freeride and one Chinese Downhill. I won the Chinese Downhill and crashed at the Freeride competition 10 meters before the finish. All in all the event was a lot of fun and I met a lot of really cool people.

Two weeks ago Philipp Wechselberger and me traveled to Chamonix for the first FWT Junior competition of the season.We arrived there at Friday evening and had the possibility to stay at a friends place. On Saturday there was a total "White Out" so the safety workshop had to be hold on a small T-bar lift. The competition started at Sunday around midday, but unfortunately had to be canceled after 35 starters. I got bib 57 so there was no competition for me this time.
Phillipp stomped a huge cliff, but wasn't judged that good because of taking to much risk...
We had to wait till Monday to get back to Austria because of heavy snowfall in the Alps.

I'm looking forward to the next Junior competition which will be hold in Fieberbrunn.
Here you can see some pictures and an edit of my last few months.

Keep you guys posted

Awesome riding
Flatspin at the Zillertal


waiting for the train to Chamonix

Phillipp taking a break in Zurich