Montag, 16. Januar 2012

Big Mountain Open (Hochfügen) + some news


caused by the huge amount of snow the last weeks and a stressful university schedule it has been a while since I wrote something.

So here are a few words about the last weeks:
- We had an awesome New Year's Eve together with good friends at my girlfriend's sister's place in Prutz

- Afterwars I spent some time with the El-Flamingo Crew. We had a fun time shooting for the upcomming movie [11]. Check on Facebook to keep up to date: El-Flamingo Fanpage

- Last Saturday I participate at my first competition this season. At the Big Mountain Open in Hochfügen I managed to put some little freestyle elements in my run and get rewarded with the 1st place. I'm quite stoked that the judges liked my way of skiing.

Here is a little Edit of that day - thanks to all for the awesome time:

-  Well... yesterday was also quite fun ;)

The next two/three weeks are going to be full of learning, so see you in Febuary or at the ISPO. Haha!