Samstag, 31. Juli 2010

Snowsick finally in New Zealand!

After 36 hours (42 for Alex, coming from Oslo, Norway) we arrived in Chistchurch and drove our first stretch on the left side of the road in to the city and to the Millennium Hotell! We definately needed a good night sleep after our trip.

First night in the Camper.
We parked the camper and the wicked in the middle of a private road, on our way up to Mount Olympus. We tried to get all the way up with the camper, but had to turn the vehicle 180 degrees on a singel lane, dirt road because of a bridge we didn’t trust, and a river we couldn’t cross. On one side of the single lane road is a 100 meter fall, and uphill mountain on the other side. We ended up being able to turn the camper, and go back to a little plateu, we made dinner, went to sleep, and woke up freezing in the middle of the night, the warmest place in the camper at that time had to be in the freezer. It was so cold even Jesus would say ”Jesus Christ it’s freezing in here”. We had some small problems turning on the heater this morning, but after breakfast in Fabis double bed with 4 comferters and coffe warming eachtother.. we are now ready to get into our skicloathes and can’t wait for what this first day of skiing in NZ will bring. It’s BLUEBIRD!!!! YEAH!

Chilly the camper and Wicked our van, Christoph, Fabi, Pati,
Sly and the family stone!

Okay, on our way ut to Mount Olympus this morning we ran out of gas on the Wicked. Somebody in our crew wanted to save money because we received the van without gas, and were supposed to give it back without gas, and after a detour of approximately 2.5 hours last night we ended up running out of gas halfway up the one lane bumpy mountainroad on our way to the top. I wouldn’t say it was a complete disaster seeing that we actually met a bunch of great people and everybody were really friendly. We got some ok photos and some decent helmetcam pictures, but nothing big even if it was bluebird the whole day. This was because of our dear old Christoph, who found out he had forgotten his skiboots in the camper when we were getting ready for skiing and had gotten ourselves up to the lifts. He then hitched a ride down to the camper again, and for some reason he brought his skis. Anyway after thanking politely for the lift from the guy who drove him down, he left the car forgetting his skis, poles, and goggles. Kinda distracted sometimes this fella.
            This led to us busting around on the mountain with our photographer in Germany, and our filmer in the Caravan (hereafter called Chilly). So just some shots from our digis here.

Pati and me putting on the snowchains on our way to the top of Mt. Olympus, before we ran out of gas! :P

Pati catching some fresh pow on his way down the east main face of Mt. O.

Dienstag, 6. Juli 2010

Area 47

Ein Besuch des Spielplatzes der Freeskier im Sommer, in der Area 47, ist jedes Mal ein Heidenspass: